Hunting is a passion rooted in a specific place. It is also a wonderful invitation to travel, to go on an adventure, to push yourself... and push boundaries.

Completing a Macnab in Scotland, tracking the “attila” wild boar in Turkey, stalking a large deer in Poland, chasing partridges in Spain and woodcocks in Morocco, trailing a buffalo in Mozambique or a zebra in Namibia, shooting lake ducks or highland grouse, ambushing a chamois in the Andorran Pyrenees... dream hunts are limitless.

Defying the continents? The chance of a lifetime! Alone? Utterly reckless. You need a guide.

Throughout the pages of this new catalogue, we hope to once again pay tribute to the professionals that keep us safe on our adventures in all four corners of the world. Jean-Luc, Sebastian, Eric, Mihail, Gunhan, Jérôme, Edouard, Vernon, Anton, Sylvain, Abderrahim, Martin: these professional guides are our greatest ambassadors, and our best product testers.

We hope this catalogue will teach you as much as they’ve taught us.


Follow the guide!


Verney-Carron Team

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